Talbot or Clément-Talbot Limited was a London automobile manufacturer founded in 1903. Clément-Talbot's products were named just Talbot from shortly after introduction but the business did remain Clément-Talbot Limited until 1938 when it was renamed Sunbeam-Talbot Limited. Both men, Chetwynd-Talbot and Clément-Bayard, reduced their financial interests in their Clément-Talbot business during the First World War.

Soon after the end of the war Clément-Talbot was brought into a combine named S T D Motors. Shortly afterwards S T D Motors' French products were renamed Talbot instead of Darracq.

In the mid 1930s Rootes bought the London Talbot factory and Antonio Lago bought the Paris Talbot factory. Then Lago used Talbot or Talbot-Lago in Paris. In 1938 Rootes renamed Clément-Talbot Limited Sunbeam-Talbot Limited. Rootes stopped using the brand name Talbot in the mid-1950s, the Paris factory closed a few years later.

The marque came by a series of takeovers to Peugeot S.A. which revived use of the Talbot name from 1978 until 1994.