Audi A5

The Audi A5 is a series of compact executive cars produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi since 2007. The A5 range comprises the coupé, cabriolet, and "Sportback" (a four-door coupé-hatchback featuring a roof line with a steeply raked rear window with integrated trunk lid) version of the Audi A4 saloon and estate models.

Under Audi's internal platform numbering convention, the A5 is a member of the B-platform series of vehicles, sharing its platform designation with the A4 saloon and Avant. The first generation A5 (Type 8T) is therefore a member of the B8 family, whilst the second generation 2016 model is based on the B9. Both are derived from the Volkswagen MLB (Modular Longditudinal Matrix) architecture.

8.6 with 90 votes

Design: 8.8
Comfort: 9.2
Reliability: 8.6
Costs: 7.4
Performance: 9.0
Price: 22000 $


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