Brilliance BS4

The Brilliance BS4 was a four-door notchback sedan produced by Brilliance Auto in the People's Republic of China, where it is known as the Zhonghua Junjie. The car was scheduled for launch in Germany, Europe’s largest national car market, in 2007.

Following poor crash test results of the BS6 model and ensuing press comments, a Western launch was postponed at the last minute, and German sales were expected to start in the autumn of 2008, when the vehicle’s structure was expected to have been modified in order to achieve improved European crash test ratings. After modification, it achieved 0 stars.

The vehicle was developed in cooperation with Porsche, and used borrowed technology from BMW. A Station Wagon variant designed by Lowie Veermesch, was made available in 2008. Due to declining sales, the M2 and all versions was discontinued in all regions in 2014, with no current successor.

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Design: -
Comfort: -
Reliability: -
Costs: -
Performance: -
Price: 4000 $


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