Citroën DS4

The DS 4 is a compact car and it is the second model in the then new premium (luxury vehicle) DS sub-brand created by Citroën,now an independent brand. It was officially launched in 2011 internationally, but already on sale in some countries in late 2010. Based upon the Citroën C4 II, it features raised suspension to resemble a compact SUV and repositioned door handles to give a coupe-like silhouette. The rear windows are fixed, and do not slide or open outwards

At launch, the petrol engines that powered the DS 4 were all a product of a collaboration between PSA and BMW, all being 1,598 cc four-cylinder, 16-valve units. The base VTi 120 was normally aspirated and put out 120PS (88kW). As its name implies it came with variable valve timing. The next engine up was the THP 155, essentially a turbo-charged version of the VTi. It put out 156PS (115kW) thanks to a twin-scroll turbocharger and dual overhead cams and used a 6-speed manual transmission. The most powerful engine option was the THP 200, a variation of the THP 155, but with an output of 200PS (147kW).

Citroen initially offered two diesel engines in the DS 4 - the HDi 110, a 1,560 cc four-cylinder that put out 112PS (82kW) and the four-cylinder HDi 160 also found in the Citroën C5 sedan. It has a displacement of 1,997 cc and put out 163PS (120kW).

The current engine line-up differs significantly.

The DS 4 is available with Start&Stop technology and Citroën says that the battery has been optimized to withstand up to 600,000 starting cycles. The boot is 385 litres or 1021 litres with the back seats folded down.

The DS 4's styling has been very well received by the international press.

It was elected Most Beautiful Car of the Year at the International Automobile Festival, beating BMW’s new F10 5 Series and Honda's new CR-Z hybrid car. German magazine Auto Bild and its partner magazines throughout Europe have given it 1st Prize for Design in its category in Design Award contest.

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