Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla (Type 186) is a compact MPV produced by Italian automaker Fiat from 1998 to 2010. Based on the Brava, the Multipla was shorter and wider than its rivals. It had two rows of three seats, where its competitors had two-across front seating. The Honda FR-V, which shares the seating layout, was released in 2004.

The Multipla was shorter than the 3-door Fiat Bravo on which it was based, while offering increased seating and cargo volume. In common with a number of other modern Fiats, the Multipla reused the name of an earlier vehicle, in this case the "Multipla" variant of the Fiat 600 produced during the 1950s and 1960s.

7.9 with 43 votes

Design: 7.7
Comfort: 9.4
Reliability: 7.7
Costs: 6.6
Performance: 7.9
Price: 1000 $


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