Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a sport utility truck by Honda. It has a unibody construction, with independent suspension, a flat truck bed, a flat load floor, a dual-action tailgate, an In-Bed Trunk, all-wheel drive —as well as front-wheel drive for select 2017 US models—, and is only offered in a crew-cab/short-box configuration. It was released in January 2005 going on sale in March of that year as a 2006 model. This SUT was initially built by Honda of Canada Manufacturing until 2008 when assembly was relocated to Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. Production of the first generation Honda Ridgeline ended in mid-2014. Despite its low sales numbers, the Ridgeline was one of the more profitable vehicles for Honda. In 2013, Honda announced that a redesigned second generation Ridgeline would be built and after a two-year production hiatus, a newly redesigned SUT went on sale in late June 2016 as a 2017 model year vehicle.

According to Honda, the Ridgeline was not designed to steal sales from the more traditional trucks sold in North America, but was developed to "give the 18% of Honda owners who also own pickups a chance to make their garages a Honda-only parking area." The first generation Ridgeline was a uniquely engineered vehicle with only 7% of its components shared with Honda's global light truck platform and 5% shared exterior components. Its powertrain resembled that found in the 2006 Acura MDX but was heavily modified for hauling and towing. The second generation Ridgeline took a different engineering approach modeling it after the 2016 Honda Pilot and modifying the components necessary to support truck type duties, while maintaining the features that made the first generation Ridgeline unique.

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