Honda Torneo

The Honda Torneo is a sedan introduced by Honda in 1997 exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, derived from the Honda Accord. While the Accord was sold exclusively at Honda Clio dealerships, the Torneo was available at the other two Honda networks, Honda Verno and Honda Primo as the successor to the Honda Ascot and Honda Rafaga, respectively.

The introduction of the Torneo continued the original approach Honda used in 1982 with the introduction of the Honda Vigor in offering a unique variant of the Accord for each of the three dealership Honda sales channels with the sportier Torneo utilizing a different front grille, headlights and tail lights, and exclusive trim packages and color choices.

With the release of the seventh-generation Accord in 2002, the Torneo nameplate was discontinued. However, the seventh-generation Accord assimilated much of the sportier character of the Torneo, making it effectively the successor of the Torneo as well as the previous generation Accord.

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