Kia Clarus

The Kia Credos in South Korea and Australia (known as Kia Clarus in Europe) was Kia's first mass production large family sedan, and was based on the running gear of the pre-1997 Mazda Capella, which went on sale in Korea in 1995, and in Australia in 1998.

It was powered by one of two Mazda sourced petrol engines with 1.8 and 2.0litres, which proved to be unremarkable in performance but excellent for reliability (also used a 2.0 Rover KV6 engine). A diesel-powered alternative was not available. The car's interior was dull but spacious and comfortable, as well as the boot being massive. The asking price for the basic 1.8 SX was £11,000 - around £4,000 less than the equivalent Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Vectra.

In Australia, the Credos was introduced in May 1998, and was available only with the 2.0L engine. Sales totalled 839 units during the model's 3-year run.

The Kia Clarus was replaced by the Hyundai sourced Optima in 2000, ending the badge engineered relationship with Mazda.

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Price: 1000 $


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