Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sport compact car that was produced by Mitsubishi between 1989 and 2011. A convertible body style was added during the 1996 model year. The Eclipse was named after an unbeaten 18th-century English racehorse which won 26 races. It was also named after the astronomical event of the same name (as hinted in television commercials in Japan). It has also been rebadged and sold as the Eagle Talon and the Plymouth Laser captive imports through Mitsubishi Motors' close relationship with the Chrysler Corporation. Their partnership was known as Diamond-Star Motors, or DSM, and the vehicle trio through the close of the second-generation line is sometimes referred to by the moniker "DSM" among enthusiast circles. In Japan, the first two generations were sold at a specific Japanese retail chain called Mitsubishi Car Plaza.

The Eclipse was officially marketed in North America, Oman, South Korea, the Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and China. At the end of August 2011, the final Eclipse rolled off the assembly line, and was auctioned off, the proceeds donated to charity. It was not related to the Mitsubishi FTO while having a similar marketing approach.

The Eclipse underwent four generations: the first two generations (1G and 2G) share the automobile platform and parts with the Eagle Talon, and the Plymouth Laser, while the third generation (3G) shared a redesigned platform with the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus. During May 2005, the fourth, and final, generation (4G) Eclipse was introduced, replacing the Chrysler platform used in the first three generations with the PS platform.

In January 2017, it has been stated that Mitsubishi plans to resurrect the Eclipse name on a compact crossover vehicle that will debut at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show in March. The new Eclipse will slot between the Mitsubishi ASX and Mitsubishi Outlander in the Mitsubishi lineup, and is primarily designed to rival the Nissan Qashqai.

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