Opel Speedster

The Opel Speedster is a British-built mid-engined, targa-topped, 2-seat sports car sold by the German automaker Opel, introduced in July 2000.

It was built in both RHD & LHD versions, at the Lotus Cars plant in Hethel, Norfolk, England. It was sold as the Vauxhall VX220 in the United Kingdom and the Daewoo Speedster in the Asian market.

The car shared much in common with the Lotus Elise, although Opel claimed few parts were interchangeable.

8.0 with 7 votes

Design: 7.7
Comfort: 5.4
Reliability: 8.6
Costs: 8.8
Performance: 9.4
Price: 23000 $


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