Peugeot 407

The Peugeot 407 is a large family car produced by the French automaker Peugeot from 2004 to 2010. It is available in saloon, coupé and estate variants, with both diesel and petrol engines. The petrol engines range from 1.8 to 2.9-litres displacement, whereas the diesels range from 1.6 to 3.0-litre engines.

The 407, along with the larger 607, was succeeded by the 508 in January 2011. According to the European Car of the Year website, the 407 was one of the runners-up in the 2005 award.

8.0 with 308 votes

Design: 8.2
Comfort: 9.1
Reliability: 7.7
Costs: 7.2
Performance: 7.9
Price: 5000 $


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