Plymouth Sundance

The Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance are economical 3-door and 5-door hatchbacks that were introduced for the 1987 model year. For 1991, a 2-door convertible variant was added to the Shadow lineup; but not the Sundance lineup. The 3-door hatchback model replaced the Dodge Charger (L-body) model, while the 5-door hatchback model replaced the Dodge Omni model; of their respective marque. With the 1987 acquisition of American Motors by Chrysler from Renault, the Shadow/Sundance also replaced the American Motors-built Renault Alliance sedan and convertible, marking the official withdrawal of Renault from the United States and Canadian markets.

The first vehicle rolled out of Sterling Heights Assembly on August 25, 1986. In late 1988, production of the Mexican market version called the Chrysler Shadow began at Toluca Car Assembly. The Shadow/Sundance was also sold in Europe from 1988 to 1991 as the Chrysler ES. Production ended on March 9, 1994, with the Shadow/Sundance being replaced by the Chrysler Neon.

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