Plymouth Voyager

Plymouth Voyager is a nameplate used on two vans manufactured by Plymouth.

From 1974–1983 Plymouth marketed a full size van as the Voyager, a badged variant of the Dodge Sportsman.

From 1984-2000, Plymouth marketed a minivan as the Voyager, simultaneously introduced with the Dodge Caravan and marketed over four generations in short-wheelbase (SWB) (1984-2000) and long-wheelbase (LWB)(1987-2000) variants — the latter as the Plymouth Grand Voyager. After model year 2000, Chrysler (at the time DaimlerChrysler AG) discontinued its Plymouth division, and the Voyager and Grand Voyager were marketed as the Chrysler Voyager (2001–2003). The Plymouth Voyager was marketed as Chryslers in Mexico prior to that.

Combined with its rebadged variants, the Chrysler minivans rank as the 13th best-selling automotive nameplate worldwide.

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