Proton Persona

The Proton Persona is a series of compact and subcompact cars produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton.

The first generation Proton Persona (C90) refers to the export name given to the Proton Wira. The first use of the 'Proton Persona' nameplate dates back to November 1993 in the British market. The original Persona was later joined by the 3-door Persona Compact, and 2-door Persona Coupé.

The second generation Proton Persona (CM) launched in August 2007. The CM series is the first Proton model to use the 'Persona' nameplate in its home market. It is based on an extended Proton GEN•2 platform, and was sold as a saloon complement to the GEN•2 hatchback. The CM Persona replaced the Proton Wira saloon in Malaysia and the C90 Persona in its export markets.

The third generation Proton Persona (BH) was unveiled in August 2016. It is based on an extended Proton Iriz platform, and is sold as a saloon complement to the Iriz hatchback. It directly replaced the nine-year-old CM Persona in its home market.

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