Renault Vel Satis

The Renault Vel Satis is an executive car that was produced by the French manufacturer Renault, launched at the 2001 Geneva Motorshow to replace the already-discontinued Safrane. It was previously revealed as a concept car in 1998, at the Paris Motor Show. However, the following production model does not have very much in common with it. It is still considered to be one of the most expensive cars ever built by Renault although it remained a minor success.

The name Vel Satis is a composite of elements of the words Velocity and Satisfaction. A specially prepared Vel Satis was used by the President of France until 2009. The car was also Renault's flagship car, It has since been replaced by the Renault-Samsung built Renault Latitude.

The Vel Satis was the first Renault model offered with Adaptive cruise control (ACC) (supplied by Robert Bosch GmbH)

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