Saab 90

The Saab 90 is a compact executive car from Saab made from September 1984 to 1987. It was manufactured at a facility in Uusikaupunki (Nystad), Finland, at that time owned by Saab and Valmet. The 90 was a continuation of the Saab 99 and it was basically a Saab 99 from the B-pillar forward with the rear of a Saab 900 sedan. The 90, while easier to build than the 99, was still considerably more labour intensive than the more modern 900.

The 900's rear end made the trunk and fuel tank larger than in the 99, while keeping the car smaller than the 900. It was only available as a two-door sedan and came with the 2.0L Saab H engine, giving 100hp (74kW). It was available with both four and a five-speed manual transmissions, with the five-speed receiving closer gearing, front and rear spoilers, and lower profile tires. The valve seats were hardened so it could run on unleaded fuel. It also had a new starter motor, and the steering wheel was more upright than the one in the 99.

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Price: 2000 $


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