Tata Indigo

Tata Indigo is a class of sub-compact and sedan cars manufactured by Indian automobile company Tata Motors. The first generation of the Indigo, which was launched in the Indian market in 2002, is based on the Tata Indica, a sub-compact hatchback. The two cars shared a similar design, while the Indigo had a higher wheelbase, a 450-litre trunk, and turbocharged-diesel and petrol engine options. The car received its first design refresh in 2006, giving it distinguishing features from the Indica, such as more upmarket double-barreled headlamps, front fog-lamps, more upmarket interiors with fabric upholstery, etc.

The 2006 Tata Indigo went on to form the base platform for three other cars, namely the Indigo Marina station-wagon with a large boot and a ski-rack; the Indigo XL, a variant with increased wheelbase, for increased legroom in the second row, air-conditioner vents for the second row, and leather upholstery option; and the Indigo CS, a compact-sedan with a length of under 4 metres, designed to let the manufacturer avail tax-benefits for vehicles of under 4 m length. This car was later renamed as the Indigo eCS, having received an engine upgrade in 2010.

Tata Motors discontinued the Indigo and Indigo Marina in 2009, in favour of the Indigo Manza, a larger sedan based on the Tata X1 platform. The company continues to sell the Indigo eCS, which received a design refresh in 2013, and the addition of ABS. The company also continues to sell the Indigo XL, although it is only offered as a variant that's tailored for use as a taxi, and sold only in bulk, to fleet operators.