Tata Sumo

Tata Sumo is a multi-utility vehicle produced by India's largest automotive company, Tata Motors.The Sumo names comes from Japanese wrestlers indicating its size, stability, strength & power. The vehicle was launched in 1994 as a ten-seater jeep designed for urban, rural and military use. It was one of the first passenger vehicles designed in India. The vehicle is a competitor for Toyota's Qualis (which is narrower) and Mahindra and Mahindra's Commander.

The Sumo is based on Tata Motors' pick-up platform and thus shared most of its other mechanics with other Tata vehicles like the Tata Sierra, Tata Estate. The Tata Sumo originally came with a 1948cc normally aspirated diesel engine. Later, an option of a turbocharged version of the same engine was also offered.

Prior to the Sumo, the Indian market had stagnated, where the most modern vehicles in the same class were from Mahindra and Mahindra, primarily derived from the original Willys Jeep models. Upon release, Tata Sumo quickly captured a major segment of the utility automobile market in India.

Within three years of its launch Tata Motors sold 100,000 Sumo vehicles.

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