Toyota Carina

The Toyota Carina was an automobile manufactured by Toyota from December 1970 to 2001. It was introduced as a four-door counterpart of the Celica, of which it originally shared a platform. Later, it was realigned to the Corona platform, but retained its performance image, with distinctive bodywork and interior — aimed at the youth market and remaining exclusive to Japanese Toyota dealerships Toyota Store. It was replaced in Japan by the Toyota Allion in 2000 and was succeeded in Europe by the Toyota Avensis.

The inspiration for the name Carina came from the Carina star cluster, sharing a naming inspiration from the Celica, which is ultimately derived from the Latin word coelica meaning "heavenly" or "celestial".

8.7 with 7 votes

Design: 8.8
Comfort: 8.3
Reliability: 9.9
Costs: 9.2
Performance: 7.1
Price: 2000 $


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