Toyota Verossa

The Toyota Verossa was a sedan produced by the Toyota Motor Company for Japanese domestic market, and was exclusive to Toyota Netz Store Japanese locations. The Verossa exceeded Japanese government regulations concerning external dimensions and engine displacement, offering buyers a sedan that continued to offer a front engine rear drive platform, opposite the 2001–2006 Toyota Camry with very similar dimensions and front wheel drive. The advantage the Verossa offered over the Camry was the ability to offer all wheel drive, which the Camry couldn't do. The Verossa, introduced in July 2001, appeared in conjunction with the Toyopet Store alternative called the Progrès, and the Toyota Store Brevis.

Toyota replaced the aging Toyota Mark II stablemates, the Chaser and Cresta which ended production together in 2000, combining the sporting aspects of the Chaser with the high luxury content of the Cresta, in a vehicle that was smaller than the Toyota Crown, a favorite with Japanese luxury car buyers for decades. The Verossa was a larger version of the Toyota Altezza that appeared in 1998 that became a sales success, offering high performance and luxury with a straight 6 engine and rear drive. The Verossa shared its X-chassis model code with its predecessors and also featured the front-engine rear-drive layout. The Verossa's production ceased at the end of 2003 due to poor sales.

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